ED Screen - Oregon
ED Screen - Oregon
ED Screen - Oregon

ED Screen - Oregon

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Show a little love for the state you call home! This Oregon-shaped CASS lets your customers see your Oregon pride while keeping them and your employees safe. 

And contact us if you’re not lucky enough to be in Oregon and you want a custom CASS shaped like your state!

ED = Entertaining Divider

The ED is a clear acrylic, stand-alone barrier with a sense of whimsy. Set your business apart from the rest. (Shown with STAN sound hole)

STAN = Sound Transmitting Acoustic Node

The STAN is an acoustically and visually transparent sound hole (the secret ingredient is plastic wrap!) that can be added to any CASS or ED Whimsical Screen to allow for optimal communication between face-masked employee and customer.  The STAN removes easily when it’s time to replace the film covering.

Proudly made in Portland Oregon!

Dimensions - 40" wide x 9" deep x 32" tall 

Lead Time - Ships 4 to 7 business days from order date.